The MiniPurge system provides a full purge and pressurize system for Class I Division 1 Gp A-D, Zone 1 (21) IIC applications. When fitted to a suitable enclosure the system enables regular electrical equipment to be operated safely in a hazardous location.

Certified in compliance with IEC, European and American standards and codes, the system controls purge and pressurization process. Initially the system provides a high flow of protective gas, usually compressed air. The flow through the enclosure is verified by measuring where it exits at the Relief Valve. Provided the flow is sufficient the indicator shows yellow and the purge timing proceeds. At the end of the purge time the purge flow is switched off and only a small air flow is used to compensate for any leaks in the enclosure. This keeps the pressure inside the enclosure slightly higher than the outside pressure, preventing flammable gas entering the enclosure. Whilst this safe condition is maintained the system output enables power to be applied to the equipment, either directly or via a separate interface unit.

For dust applications [Ex pD] see certificate for "conditions for safe use".


  • One Model number: includes the Control Unit (CU) and Relief Valve (RLV).
  • Direct Mount: no interconnecting pipe work. Reduced material and labor cost.
  • Size: Compact Control Unit and Relief Valve (No real-estate wastage around the purged enclosure).
  • 316L Stainless steel housings and fittings for use in harsh environments.
  • Purge Flow: measured at the Relief Valve, outlet. Gives full compliance with standards. See IEC / EN 60079-2, NFPA 496 Chapter 3-4. "have passed through the purge enclosure".
  • Multiple enclosures may be purged in series.
  • Independent of supply voltage.
  • Global approvals so ideal for the OEM.

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